W-5942 : Corset Dress

| straps 16cm |

Colour : Striped, Floral, Black
Size XS : Length 60cm, Waist 60-68cm, Bust 70-80cm
Size S : Length 61cm, Waist 64-72cm, Bust 74-84cm
Size M : Length 62cm,  Waist 68-76cm, Bust 76-90cm
Size L : Length 63cm, Waist 74-82cm, Bust 78-92cm
Material : 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Price : RM 56

1 of them said that:

FAZ | April 12, 2012 4:06 am

I havent received my package that I purchased half a year ago and I've been emailing you but you never replied. Can you please explain, and respond to my emails. Its been 6 months, and I'm getting a feeling that you're a fraud. All i ask for is a respond. If the items i purchased is unavailable, I would like a refund. Thats all. thank you.

(btw,is anyone else experiencing the same thing?)

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